Friday, February 27, 2009

Blackie Friday

I am so unlucky today. First, I woke up late so I had breakfast on the 912 bus and reached the interchange at about 6.55am. I could not get up the first 901 bus ( obviously) and took the second 901 bus but it arrived at 7.35am because there was a bus accident near Si Ling Primary School ( my graduation school). Mummy was furious when the bus arrived ( duh...). When I reached school and the teacher demanded for a reason why all of us were late. What's worse was the teacher didn't believe us but didn't give us dentention ( lucky sia). Ms. Foo then gave us a lecture on punctality ( boring). Paterlin, Mei Ting and Michelle were also late. My obessed wushu partner thought I was absent. Mdm Heryani announced to the class that she was 5 weeks pregnant ( accident) but have to abort the baby because of the strong medicine to stop her acne breakout. E Maths test was easy and I was acting like a Mad Hatter during Recess time (according to Li Wen). Aqidah told me that a 912 bus knocked down a Si Ling Primary School boy and Darren Sim broke his leg and he is in NUH. Such a pity because he's the fastest runner in the Power team ( I can't believe I just said that). Oh yeah. Aqidah quarrelled with Liang Wei today because of their birthdays ( Liang Wei's birthday is on the 17th October while Aqidah's birthday is on the 18th October)... Sighzzzz( again)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is this Blackie week?

You will not believe what really happend this whole week.

Monday: Yi Jong got a heart attack... Kidney failing.

Tuesday: Zoel sprained his leg... On wheelchair. Yi Jong's liver fails.

Wednesday: I forgot to study for Physics test... Lina's birthday. Gave her a present and she seemed happy. Most of Yi Jong's organs start to fail. Dialysis fails.

Thursday: Got scolded by Ms Uma for not bringing Physics file... Kuan Ee kena hit by the volleyball in the head 3 times at ITE. ( OUCH!!) Chung Hang's and Lei Xi's birthday. Extra Chem lesson... Received an SMS from Mummy saying Yi Jong just passed away. Never talk the whole night... Emo...

Friday: Saw Kuan Ee ( EeeK)! Almost dozed off during CF meeting ( YUCKS!!). Aqidah quarrelled with Phuong Thao ( not again).... Saw Yi Jong's face at the wake... Face was bloated and black. A Mah was crying... Poor A Mah...

Saturday ( Today): Kena scolding from Dad for being late for tuition... Yucks... Did all my homework... Bake cake. Dad love it!

Sunday ( Tomorrow): Yi Jongs funeral... Haizzzz.....

Bad week for me huh?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Phuong Thao!!

Hey Phuong Thao,

Wishing you a very happy sweet 16th birthday from the bottom of my heart. Hope you had a great time just now at Bugis Junction. I had a great time too. But I dunno about Aqidah. Love your hairstyle girlfriend!!! Anyways, thanks for asking me out and paying for my dinner just now. You must feel very bad for not celebrating your birthday back in Vietnam with your family. I also hope that you won't get any scolding from your guardian went you reach your hostel. When Cherry called me on my hp and asked whether she could talk to you, I was kind of worried about later. I hope that you have a fun time with your hostel friends later and hope that you will like my present. Last but not least, I still want to wish you a Happy Birthday ( Again... Yeah yeah yeah) and a Happy Valentines' Day.

May your wishes come true on this special day.

May God bless you,
Shi Min ( Secondary 3E4) :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

I hate Miley Cyrus ( but love her songs)!!!

I am so not a fan of Miley Cyrus anymore!!! I hate Miley Ray Cyrus/ Destiny Hope Cyrus!!! At first, she posed nude in front of the cameras and now, she's making those slanty eyes pictures while sitting on her ugly and super bloody ugly looking boyfriend, Justin Gaston's lap. Literally, the stupid idiotic couple are actually making fun of the Chinese. I am so pissed at them. And what's worse was that the racist 16 year old star still blame the press for making her the next bad girl. Well she is! Let me ask you girls a question... When your idol makes fun of your features, how would you feel? I guess everyone has the same feeling: upset and furious... Right? After this, what's next? A sex tape? She getting pregnant under the age of 21? She becoming a porn star or what? Being a Chinese myself, I was angry at her actions when I read the article on the newspaper. I have small eyes so when I saw the photo, I felt worse than before and decided that I shouldn't support her anymore but I think that I should support the composer of the songs she sang. So what if she is popular?

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Monday: Reached school at 8.10am today to be early for the Councillors Meeting today. Everyone except Mr. Hu noticed me. Phew!!! Had an E Mtahs Assessment Test today and I passed! I am super careless or else I should have scored full marks. I asked Yong Teck to accompany me to Aqidah's class ( 3N6A) to collect my books in case she did not. Fortunetaly, she remembered and she accompanied me back to my class. But she forgot about the A Maths Notebook. Almost died because Mr. Kang is going to check it during A Maths class. It was E Maths lesson when Liang Wei brought out all his exercise books and he reminded me that I lend him my A Maths Notebook to copy over the weekend but he haven't finish copying. Phew~~~~!!!!

Tuesday: Mr Hu didn't bring us for P.E today but it was Speedy ( my Sec 1 camp instructor). Yeah!!! He has pretty good memory to remember my name. Benjiamin broke his toe ( same incident when Mel broke her toe) and Hong Hao forgot to bring his P.E. attire. Speedy also told us about history while the rest were under the Austrailian teachers.

Wednesday: Ms Uma asked for our Physics book. Gasp!!! It was in the locker. Lina and I went up to Aqidah's class to take the key. When I went back to class, Ms Uma was sharing ( or cracking jokes) her diving experince and experince with other inconsiderate divers from other boats. So much for a greeny Physics teacher.

Thursday: Boringgg....

Friday: Worst... Eileen and class went to Karimun...

Saturday: Went to British Council for my English tuition. Rushing to do my homework and did revision for the couple of pop quiz coming up the next week... Almost died. Hey Shi Min, this is life in the Express Class but the best thing is that even Oscar is not your friend anymore, he doesn't bully you right? Everyone's helpful.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Lee Cousins without James, Willet, Ben, Bernice, Wendy and Lun Zhou

Here's a picture taken on the second day of CNY at my house. Photo taken by Mummy.

Nice right?

My family

Here's some photos taken on the first day of CNY at Si Shu Shu's house. Photos taken by Sophia Jie Jie.


Hey girls, here's a picture of my baby nephew taken by Mummy on Chu Yi. He looks like his dad ( Paul Kor Kor) when he's ( Paul Kor Kor) a baby. He's 7 months now. Cute right?