Sunday, October 14, 2012

My last day of holiday

This is the last day of my holidays.  Mixed feelings in my head.  The feeling of wanting to go back to school but not wanting to wake up early in the morning.  I hope everything would go smoothly for me.  Wish me luck! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

hi to all!

hello pals! this is heather speaking~ i talked to shi min recently... had a nice long chat with her on the line:D i'm very busy with my final year project as usual.. concentrating really hard to the max! a major headache i have:) showreel showreel showreel... portfolio portfolio portfolio... so troublesome and all the assignments are due in such a short time.. tend to meet up with the glitter girls members at the end of the year. when my project is done,lets enjoy!! ending off.., Tamara~

Friday, September 7, 2012


I dun really like my CI. She is always never in the ward when I need her to assess me for my skills. There was once I did IV infusion, as she wasn’t there, I had do it with SN Shaun. On the same day, I did oral medication serving with SN May but it was 8pm. CI dismisses at 5pm. Just yesterday, I wanted her to assess me for NG tube feeding but she has to go for a meeting. In the end, I had to do it with another AN. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!! HOW AM I GOING TO GET MY SKILLS SIGNED? I ONLY HAVE 4 BLOODY DAYS LEFT! Then I finally get her to assess me in medication serving, but my attachment mates are all cornering me, I lost my temper, yelled at them to get lost as they were disturbing my thoughts. In the end, she didn’t sign that skill for me.

At the start of this attachment, I was really praying that I could get along with my attachment mates and hope that they are nice people. But it seems no one heed my prayer. The girls in my shift are nasty bitches. Actually, I am fine if they dun treat me as a friend but treat me as a colleague instead. But they treat me as if I was invisible! There were many times when they left me after shift, so I have to walk alone in the dark for 3 days in a row. Whenever I ask them if they are taking bus or MRT home, bus is the answer. So I asked my mum to accompany me home instead. But when they saw the both of us, they went into hiding. It is so clear that they have been avoiding me. I am starting to feel that some Singaporean Chinese girls are total snobs! #justsaying

And the worst thing over this whole saga, my 2 besties, Heaher and Anne didn’t even comfort me about this while I broke down many times today! I feel so disappointed in them!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Attachments 2.1B part 1

The exams are over which means the attachment period is kicking.  I am in the first bach again because I've changed batch with Pei Shien.  While applying to change, we've met some problems because of that Fucked up Mr Alan.  I dunno what got in his head but I gave him a glare.  GOSH!!!  Just tell me how can people be sooooo rude!  Did their parents and teachers ever teach them manners?  Apparently, the parents and teachers were too focused on the results that they forgot to teach him manners! LOL!!!  Anyway, we resend our application again and Ms Liu, who is our CA 2.1B coordinator, approved of it!!!

 YES!!! Dun you know how long have I been waiting to be separated from that bloody Suk Fen!!!  Yes!!!  Finally.  OMG!!!  She's a pain!  She's a bloody bitch who only knows how to boast abt her bf, boast abt how a male patient molested her, bully me, flirt with a Senior (he is just retaking 2.1) when he alrd has a gf!  She's a total slut I tell you!!!  Come on!  Jonathan( Heather's BF) looks WAY better looking than her bf!  Dun worry, Suk Fen.  I really hate your sluttish looks, your BLOODY FUCKING attitude so the conclusion is I hate you too!!!  You hate me too?  Awesome!  My parents didn't give birth to me just to impress you!  And I am guessing that you are also rude to your elders too huh?  You are just a disgusting ant in my life!

But one sad thing, I won't be working with Chen Li.  :(  I REALLY like working with her as she is my buddy since Year 1.  Haiizzz....  I really hope I can catch up with her real soon!

Ok!  I gotta sleep now.  Tmr is the day of attachment 2.1B with a different group of people in a different ward.  So I am thinking the CI there will be good?  CF too?  Oh yes!  And the Staff Nurses there too!  WISH ME LUCK!!! 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I love T08!!!

Exam's near, I hope all of my classmates would do well for the upcoming exams. Results would be out on the 3rd week of our holidays and I hope none of us will be separated. I hope all of us will stick together to the very end or to the end of Year 2. Yes. You're right. I LOVE my T08 classmates. My clique which includes Kimberley, Phaik Ting, Sin Yie, Wang Pu, Xiang Quan and Pui See. My sweetie pies: Fadilah and Wei Fang. Thank you Fadilah for buying my birthday cakes and giving me that cute card to cheer me up!


School's over. I've graduated from Year2.1(hopefully). We finish all our assignments and projects and we are preparing for our exams. Done with my NSL theory test and I hope I will do VERY well in it as I have studied really hard for it. I dun want to miss my 2.1B attachments or cross-stream for NSL. I trust God have a plan for me. "Cast all your anxiety on God for he cares for you." I am trying not to think too much of my overall NSL result and concentrate on the other papers instead.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Over the weekends, students of the Nursing course was grieving for the death of one of the smartest girl in school. Even though both of us just walked past each other and didn't really hold a conversation, I was REALLY shocked when I heard the news. In my eyes, she was a cheerful, bubbly, smart and really brave girl. She really left a strong impression on me when she came to school BALD. It seems that she went for the 'Hair For Hope' campagin. Wow. She's really BRAVE!!! I mean, if I were her, I wouldn't EVEN be there. Didn't believe she would do that. I hope she is happy in the other world, a better place in God's arms. May you Rest In Peace. Amen.🙏🙏🙏

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Should I or should I not?

It is coming to an end of my 2.1 semester of Nursing and I am so stressed out abt everything!!!  I failed my recent NSL practical test and I cannot even go for the retest last term.  I dunno what's up with me...  Stayed up all night just to practice and failed in the end!!!  URGGGGHHHHH...   THIS SUCKS!!!  I know Ms Su Fen is gonna nag at me again.  I really hope she would just shut up abt it...  FINE!!!  I am so sad and frustrated....  Can I quit nursing?  I mean I am NOT succeeding as a student nurse, how am I going to succeed as a Staff Nurse?  How am I going to reach my goal as a Nurse Clinician? 

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hoi Hoi!One of the girls here!Comeback will commence soon as we are deciding our meet up for The Glitter Girls!
The three of us, Shi Min, Anne and Me are in the middle of discussing the date.The Glitter Girls Club will go on and we are still progressing so do watch out for us!yay~!All The Way we go~!GAMBATTE~~~~^^This post is from Heather Lowe.^_^

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Was surfing Twitter just now as usual n saw a trend for Justin Bieber. GOSH!!! WTH IS THIS!!! Just tell me. What's so good abt that guy? I know he can sing n dance but I seriously think that this is too extreme. Then Kristine replied me with an angry tweet asking me abt my issues with Justin Bieber. Well. The problem is I DUN LIKE HIM CAUSE I THINK THAT HE IS SPOILT N SNOBBISH!! GET IT? You mean I dun have a choice to idolize who I want to idolize? If you dislike me tweeting like this, then unfollow me. I dun care. You can say I am an anti fan of Justin Bieber, just say it cause I am. Twitter is a free space. Can't I say anything I want? Gosh! This is my opinion.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Things to do

Things to do when I get home:
1) Revise for NR Class Test 1
2) Look for articles
3) Print pics for Michelle
4) Practice for NSL
5) Revise for CMBio lecture n tutorial


Stupid me

During lunch, the lecturer just told me that I've not submitted my articles *facepalm*. The class test is also tmr!! Oh shit! So little time, so much to do!!! HELP