Friday, December 6, 2013

The final lap

Hi everyone!  It has been a looonnnngggg time since I blogged.  Guess I won't be able to blog that much now cause *drumrolls* I have started my PRCP (internship to be exact)!  Wow!  Yes!  Face it girl.  You have just 11 weeks left before passing out as a staff nurse.  Scary...  The fact that I am going to graduate and step into the working world in just a couple of months.  Will I be able to adapt well?  I think I have a lot of things I have to improve on.  Being confidant, fast and talkative.  These are the priorities.  Well... Attachments for me so far are still the same.  Nothing much, really.  But everything seems to scare me now....  I just hope to ace this internship, get my diploma and license and start working.

I have also started to think more about my career path.  As you know, I really love kids (which was why I am in Mentoring) and my first choice after the O's was Early Childhood Education or Child Psychology.  But I got into Nursing.  Do I really like Nursing?  I dunno.  Why do you want to join nursing?  Geez...  I have no idea!  Even though I would love to switch career paths after getting my diploma, given my family's financial situation now, I have no choice.  Anyway, even if I want to switch career paths, I am just wasted 3 precious years of my life.  URRRGGGHHH...  THIS IS TOO CONFUSING!