Saturday, August 8, 2009

Could life get any worse???

Ok... Life is getting boring this time with lots of tests coming up and I think it would kill all my braincells soon. I still can't understand what course is Mdm Wan going for. Why must she be away for 1 month? And why must the HOD of Chinese asked 杨老师 to relieve us? Why can't they ask a China teacher to do the job? I guess because 杨老师 is a trainee teacher from RI (???). I think he should teach English, Maths or Science BUT not Chinese. Why? Here are my reasons.


1) Ok, I think he has down syndrome ( Yeah right, fine whatever)
2) He may speak at a normal pitch but it is loud ( AT LAST, someone who has the same problem as me!!).
3) He loves to delay students
4) He's handwriting is not so nice ( hey! Who cares?)
5) He has no teaching style except for going through the chapter with us.
6) Has he gone for his NS?