Thursday, December 10, 2009

Twilight Saga: New Moon

Yesterday, I went to Plazza Singapura with Shi En and Heather to watch Twilight Saga: New Moon. Unfortunately, there wasn't a student discount at GV during the school holidays so we have to pay the full price... HMMMM.... Anyway, the movie was really nice. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson spoke a little louder in New Moon. Love the part when Edward 'proposed' to Bella. It is a totally unromantic and irony proposal! Hate that part when Laurent was killed by a bunch of werewovles( which was Jacob and his friends). Just can't believe that Rachelle Lefevre would not be acting as Victoria in the next Twilight movie....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ignite Youth Camp Day 1

GREAT!!! I got a scolding from Daddy even before going to school. I dun even think I should deserve a scolding because a lot of people were late ( Perry for example). Met Heather and Eileen in school. I was in Group 8 with Makan, Dan, Pearlyn, Perry, Zoel, Zhang Teng and Eileen but was a little disappointed that Heather was in Group 1 with Marcus and Shi Yong. I tried to beg Sophia to transfer Heather to group 8 . It failed. But she reassured me that Heather can sleep with us ( Eileen and me). After having an Ice-Breaking session, we decided the name of our group ( Monkeys N Co a.k.a Monkeys) and did up our cheer. We then had our Amazing Race in the school. Boy! We had a diificulty finding Game Masters Zhang Teng( we forced him for 2 stars) and Sinong. Then, we went to Causeway Point to have lunch and continued our journey to Dairy Farm MOE Campsite. I sat with Heather on the bus and Marcus used up my first pack of tissue, that's when I found out that my name tag was at the back. We arrived at the campsite for a debrief and we showered and unpack to get ready for dinner and service at the Savalation Army. Nicholas ( Game commandant) did the Sorry Sorry dance.

Ignite Youth Camp

Hey hey my friends! How have you girls been? So sorry for not posting any posts for a LONG time because I have been busy with loads of things. Attending the Ignite Youth Camp organised by the Light Of Christ Church Woodlands ( the church near Christ Church Secondary School) and the Christian Fellowship group from 30th Novemeber to 3rd December was one of them. That was one of the things I have been looking forward to as it also means a few days off without A Maths and Chinese ( HURRAY!). I only invited Heather for the camp because Andrea and Amanda HATE camps, Anne was REALLY and Shi En didn't reply to the SMS I sent her. Anyways, Heather was really excited about meeting Eileen even before the camp. Ignite Youth Camp is the best camp I have ever attended.

Why? These are the reasons:
  1. They were NOT run by teachers and camp instructors but were run by the church members and the CF committee members.
  2. Kin Peng ( the camp commandant) lost his voice so he cannot shout at us or bully us.
  3. This is the 1st time David Earnest didn't bully me or treat me like dirt ever since 1st Janaury 2007 ( YEA!!!!)
  4. We got to say grace in a Superman pose before breakfast ( Hahaha. OMG)
  5. I got to meet the seniors of Christ Church Secondary School
  6. We got to gossip about the teachers.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today, I went to Causeway Point with Shi En to watch 2012. Nice show though. Shi En kept asking about my secret with KJ during lunch. Anyways back to the movie. Spending $12.00 ( $6.00 each) on the ticket was worthy and there was a lot of touching scenes. Hope I could go and watch New Moon with Heather, Amanda, Andrea and Shi En before the school term starts.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What a crazy holiday!

Ok. This maybe the 3rd week of my November holiday but I have getting into a whole lot of trouble lately. Here's the list.
  • Got a scolding from my dad after he came back from China because of my sprained ankle.
  • I slept in front of Prof. Low during my appointment with her.
  • Heather suddenly said KJ in front of my mom.
  • Got another scolding from my dad because of KJ ( since when he got into the picture?)
  • Almost felt like slapping John in front of Aunty Jenny when he started talking about results.
  • Shi En sensed something fishy between KJ and me.
  • KJ almost gave me a heart attack when he turned on the loudspeaker.
  • KJ gave me another heart attack when he said something.
  • Amanda got a scolding from YS because of me ( still feeling bad about this).
  • Gillian saw my blog ( GASP!!!!).

The list is longer than this actually. Anyways, can't wait to go to Cinemas with Shi En to watch 2012 tomorrow. Hmmm..... Maybe I have to get myself mentally ready for the year. Heard that even the Mount Everest will be flooded. How true is that? DUN EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bad Day

Woww.... Today is really my unlucky day. First, I left the house late for Heather's house and I sprained my ankle. Made a lot of noise when the physician massaged for me and when Andrea kept on calling Heather. I am sooo dead

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Exams are coming

Gosh.... I am sooo tired these days and one of the reasons are : EXAMS ARE COMING, so there is a lot of revision to be done ( just don't be like my dad, I almost wanted to fall asleep when he starts talking about results), there will be a couple of revision test coming up and Miss Uma is driving me ( or the whole class) mad ( dun tell her that I was sleeping with my eyes open during last Physics lesson). Lucky tomorrow is Hari Raya so we dun need to go to school on Monday. Yay!

Note to all readers on the blog: As the EOY exams are coming, I will not be able to post any entries on this website. I WILL update my blog when the exams are over. Jia You for all.

Note to Aqidah ( my one and only Muslim friend) : Hey Qidah. Didn't have a chance to talk to you ever since the fasting month started, so I wish you and your family a Selemat Hari Raya on this blog. Gambaete for your studies.

Note to my beloved 天魔星: Hey 天魔星! I know right after watching Boys Over Flowers ( 花样男子) you went totally crazy over SS501 and Korean stars. I think you know that the Korean boybands I like are Super Junior ( you even told Anne!) and SS501 ( ok, a little). So I was thinking: could you stop sending me request to join in the fan clubs of stars I dun even know? I would really appreciate that. It's ok for me that you send requests for me being a fan of these bands: Super Junior, Si won ( SJ), Dong Hae ( SJ), Park Jung Min ( SS501), Kim Hyun Joong ( SS501), SS501, Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum and that's final for me ok? If you dun understand, feel free to call me.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Homework, homework and more homework. This is the price I have to pay for NOT doing well for the term... I guess I let loads of people down... Got to work hard. Haizzzz.... Planned to finish my E Maths, A Maths and Chem homework tomorrow. Or maybe startng on my Chinese and Physics homework. Haiiiiizzzzzz.... Have to get the cards ready......

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Start of September Holidays

Ok.... I am full of stress.....This is the worst day of my life. Nothing good ever happens during the Hungry Ghost Festival. Not in a mood of posting a post. Or even writing it. Just give me a few days and I would be ok.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Could life get any worse???

Ok... Life is getting boring this time with lots of tests coming up and I think it would kill all my braincells soon. I still can't understand what course is Mdm Wan going for. Why must she be away for 1 month? And why must the HOD of Chinese asked 杨老师 to relieve us? Why can't they ask a China teacher to do the job? I guess because 杨老师 is a trainee teacher from RI (???). I think he should teach English, Maths or Science BUT not Chinese. Why? Here are my reasons.


1) Ok, I think he has down syndrome ( Yeah right, fine whatever)
2) He may speak at a normal pitch but it is loud ( AT LAST, someone who has the same problem as me!!).
3) He loves to delay students
4) He's handwriting is not so nice ( hey! Who cares?)
5) He has no teaching style except for going through the chapter with us.
6) Has he gone for his NS?

Friday, July 31, 2009

A tiring week

Wooott... The week is killing me. There have been a lot of tests for me! I am so tired and exhausted. I am going to have a heart attack soon... Help... Eileen, Aqidah and Kuan Ee joined CO...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Photos of my 15th birthday

天魔星 and me

Amanda and me

Saturday, July 18, 2009

频率- 苏打绿 (Sodagreen)








小情歌- 苏打绿 ( Sodagreen)

小情歌- 苏打绿




蓝眼睛- 张韶涵+ 苏打绿( Angela Zhang + Sodagreen)


作词:吴青峰 作曲:吴青峰 编曲:谢馨仪



Friday, July 17, 2009

隐形的翅膀-张韶涵 ( Angela Zhang)






Counting down to my advanced birthday party.

OMG!!! I am so excited. 天魔星, Amanda, Shi En and Heather are coming to my house tomorrow for my birthday party. My offical birthday is on the 21st July. I asked 天魔星 to bring 花样男子/流星花园 dvd, 黑糖群侠转 dvd and 黑糖群侠转 OST. Also asked Amanda to return me 陪我歌唱 LIVE + STUDIO CD. I also warned the girls that tomorrow is a HAPPY DAY so NO SAD THINGS and ABSOLUTELY NO CRYING.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

女爵- 杨乃文 ( Faith Yang)

Hey girls, here's a nice song by Faith Yang. Hope you girls enjoy it.

女爵- 杨乃文




Hey Yeah~~~

Friday, July 10, 2009


Countdown to 8 days... My birthday celebration at Causeway Point and my house with 天魔星 ( not comfirmed yet), Amanda, Heather and Shi En. Countdown to 11 days... I turn 15. Hahaha... Unfortunetly, Anne cannot come. So sad. Nothing else better to say...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

心墙 by 郭静 ( Claire Guo)

For fans of Korean Drama " Boys Over Flowers ( 花样男子/流星花园).


丰富地过每一天快乐地看每一天 wooh~

Saturday, July 4, 2009

最幸福的事 by 梁文音 ( Rachel Liang)

最幸福的事- 梁文音

那次已经足够 记得一辈子




Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen

Today after my Combine Science tuition with Qian Wei, I went to Yishun GV with my parents to watch Transformers 2. Lots of action and it's funny. I think my favourite is Bumble Bee and love that part when he cried. Papa and I think that the show was ok but Mummy can't understand the show because there was a lot of censoring. One reason was maybe we didn't watch Transformers 1.... Think so?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Unlucky week

This week maybe the first week of semester 2 but there are many unlucky things that happend... I am so scared alrd.

Monday: Something just made me think of 1 really important thing. Everything in my mind was all about Heather and Mel. I dunno why... What if I have to break my friendship with Heather? Does that also mean I have to break my friendship with Mel? Questions like this kept spinning in my head. Can anyone help me? I suddenly miss the both of them so much... I really feel like crying! I really need someone to talk to!

Tuesday: Karimun trip cancelled... H1N1 spreading really fast. Questions still in my head. Ms. Lee did Sec 2 revision with us. Can't really remember much things.

Wednesday: Saw Kuan Ee and suddenly forgot his name ( I am NOT trying to be paranoid). I think I really need to call someone, just anyone. Took Liang Wei's library books on Survival ( as if I am boy) and North Korea ( as if I am interested in that fat President) for dunno what reason.

Thursday: Changed seats today... Seatting with Liang Wei ( again), Perry, Jing Na and Yollanda. I pushed my own chair down and almost drove Mr Elkan crazy during CME.

Friday: Had a long chat with Aqidah but forgot about Eileen ( oopppsss... sorrry).

Have to get Qian Wei Jie's hp no.

Mood: Can't you tell.
Song: 最幸福的事 by 梁文音 ( Rachel Liang)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Day at Bugis Junction

Today, I went to Bugis Junction with Shi En for lunch and some shopping. We went to the food court for lunch and I ordered a Terrikaypan Beef Set while Shi En ordered Wanton noodles. During lunch, we talked about what happend during the hoildays so far and Shi En told me some riddles. We then went to the bookstore to buy Shi En's comic book. We also went to take NeoPrint in level 3. We also looked for our Fathers' Day gifts and saw a lot of cute stuff and I am SO going to buy at black dress from Miss Emily. Another news: 天魔星 just came back from Tioman Island today....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A tiring day

Today, Li Wen and Charmaine came to my house to play. We had lunch at about 2.30pm at the nearby hawker centre and both of us ( Charmaine and I) had chicken rice. Li Wen had her lunch first before coming. After lunch, we came back and we chat about our lives so far. That was so much fun when we sent songs and played Monoploy ( ???). I hope they can come to my house again... Can't wait to go shopping with Shi En tomorrow.... hahaha!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My day in Orchard Road

Today, I went to Orchard Road with Mummy, Dai Yee Ma and Pei Kei Biao Jie. We went to eat in a teochew resturant in Centrepoint and then went shopping at OG. I didn't buy anything but tried out a lot of shoes by Clarks and the shoes are very comfy and have a nice design. No wonder it was sooo expensive. After that, we went to the KTV and I sang a lot of songs. I even help Andrea ( aka 天魔星)search for the 3 shao songs but found 9 of the results ( 3 songs each). I still can't believe I managed to sing 蓝眼睛,小情歌 and 无与伦比的美丽 by sodagreen.... Hahaha... Want to try to sing the 3 shao's songs another time.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Playmax @ St. Andrew's Catherdal

Today, I went back to school because Mdm Foon organised a trip for the CF members to go to Playmax@ St. Andrew's Catherdal. I dun really know what is the real objective of the trip but I think it is a way to tell us that we have to do our best in everything we do. We also had games and Sarah ( our group's play host) went crazy. We also took a lot of pictures before going to the StageMax and guess what.... Oilver Ong was there!!! She is prettier in real life than in the newspaper and she sang an English song " Move Along" even though Eileen and I expected her to sing 如燕 and she also assured the audience that her album will be coming out soon. The event was exciting and I have new Phobia. It's not the Jumping and the IQ games... I am scared of Mikes... You know those things the reporters use to interview people and whenever a reporter put her mike near to me, I will run away...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last night, I just finished watching 天平上的马尔济斯 ( Justice For Love) on Youtube. The whole show is very nice. It is a story about a girl who lost her mom in an accident and 10 years later, she got a place in a law school and wants to solve the mystery of her mom's death. I think even though 李康宜 is a good actress but she is too old for the role. 林佑威 is quite serious in the show. Anyways, this show is worth watching.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Ok! That's OFFICAL! I have already forgotten about Jun Qi. Can you believe that? I mean totally forgot about him and it took me almost 3 years to do it. Wowww!!! I wonder IF I break up with my future BF, how long will I take to forget about him? Maybe 5 years..... Anyway, I thought it's a good thing because he bullied me BEFORE. I know, you girls think I am SOOO STUPID and SILLY to like a person who bullied me. I tried forgetting him during the PSLE period but failed. My feelings? A bit weird but relaxed. I guess that was one of the reasons why I picked 分手快乐 by 梁静茹 to sing when in the KTV room with my cousins..... Weird huh?

Friday, June 5, 2009

CF's Amazing Grace VS NRIC Registration

Gosh.... I was super busy today... When I reached school, I went to pick up my ID photo from the general office and boy, I look sooooooooooo ugly in the picture!!! Luckily, I used my other ID photo for my IC. I went for the Amazing Grace briefing and then followed my teammates to the 1st station which was at the back track. Recevied a SMS from Liang Wei saying that there was a long queue for the NRIC registration. Ran to the Drama Room and queued up with Hong Ying and we had to queue up for almost 1 hr for the registration. During the registration, Hong Ying forgot to top up his $10 and lent him the money. After the registration, I dirtied one of the keys of my hp while waiting for my team to come back from the race. After everything, Eileen, Angela and I went to the Woodlands Library and then we went to have lunch at MacDonalds' and Mummy found me there. Angela had a shock when Mummy suddenly 'popped out'. Haha!!! But someone stole Angela's pocket money....

Monday, June 1, 2009

1st day of June Hoildays

My June Hoildays started off with a not so boring start.... Yesterday, I went to Causeway Point with Mummy and we planned to eat at Pastamania. Unfortunately, the bus met with an accident and Pastamania had a long queue and therefore, we went to eat at Ajisen Ramen. Then, we went to Popular/ CD Rama and I saw Claire Kuo's 3rd album, 在树上唱歌 and Sodagreen's new album, 春日光. Mummy then told me that I only can buy one album and I was in a "deliema". But in the end, I bought the Sodagreen album and my gosh.... 青峰 dyed his hair PINK!!! A little unusual for a boy. 小威 has lost some weight. 家凯 looks like 周董 ( hahaha). Then we went to NUTC Fairprice to buy a new soap for Papa but left because the shops are going to close. Taped 百万大歌星.

Today: Woke up at 9.30am and recevied a call from Shi En after brushing my teeth. Then, I did a Chinese Compo. Ate Mee Tai Mak for lunch. After that, I did one English Compo and a compre... Received a call from Andrea while packing the bed and then called Amanda... At 5.30pm, Papa and I went to the playground to exercise and then we came up and I began watching 百万大歌星. Really like the part when they called 钟欣凌 and 张智成歌坛情侣. Haha... Who asked them to wear the same clothes... 威力,小西瓜 and 丁丁 are sooo playful. 小燕姐's sudden appearance is the funniest..... Hahaha

Friday, May 29, 2009

THE HOILDAYS ARE HERE vs report book collection day

Today is the last day of Term 2 and the start of the hoildays.... YIPPPPEEEEE!!!! Anyways, Miss. Lee gave the whole class some prizes especially the contestants of the " Class Got Talent" (including me of course). When Miss Lee announced to the class that she is going to give out the " Most Courageous Person" prize, Lina immediately said my name. When I went to throw my chcocolate wrapper, I found that the eyes of my classmates were on me ( creepy). Miss Lee then gave me a whole of Mentos (hahaha). Then, when I received my report slip, I was kind of disappointed with my results. I VALUED-MISUS!!!! GASP!!! I have 1A, 2Bs, 4Cs and 1E. I am the 37th in class with a percentage of 55%. I AM DOOMED 1! Another BAD NEWS!!!! Mr. Goh Chin En( aka Chicken or Kentuckey Fried Chicken) joined the CF. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!! HELP MEEEEE!!!! This can't be good. Ok.... If Chicken dares to bully me in the CCA, I am going to tell Daniel, Benson, Eileen, Mdm Foon and Uncle Oilver.... Wait..... Maybe telling Mdm Foon and Uncle Oilver is NOT a good idea because they MAY talk about how God forgive people for their sins and the WORST PART IS forgive him.... When I forgive him, it will be when pigs fly!!! Why did I said that? Simply because I can't forgive him the way he treat me, called me names like Okemei, Pai Ka, huntu ( malay word for ghost) and he accussed me of scolding Darren Goh ( aka 暴牙)vugular language which wasn't true. SORRY CHICKEN. IF YOU DARE TO OFFEND ME AGAIN, THIS GIRL IS SOOOO GOING TO GIVE YOU A FREE TICKET TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HEAVEN? DREAM ON!!!!! GOING TO HELL CHICKEN!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

" Class Got Talent" vs Julia Gabriels Oral Communication course: Lesson 3

This is it. I went for the competition with my poem and got 4 votes in the end. It is better than getting 0 votes, right? I also asked Oscar to keep his camera during my performance. After recess, I went to the gallery for my Julia Gabriels course and Ms. Forever advised me to be more confident and speak louder. We were playing a game but Jolynn's and Mei Ting's voice are louder than mine. Even Chen Ni's voice is louder than mine. I feel like crying.... The weather is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot by the way.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Ok... I hate to say this but I am not in a mood of going to school tomorrow. Almostly because of the "Class Got Talent" competition. Secondly, we won't be doing anything in school and what is the point of waking up early for school when we are wasting our time in school. This is sooooo boring. The worse thing is that Mummy told Hoe Yi that I was forced by Miss Lee to join the competition. Will she stop telling her sisters what am I doing now? AGGGGGRRRRRRHHHHH.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Boy in Stripped Pyjamas

The whole idea of the movie is about Nazi Germany. It is a story about a boy, Bruno, whose father was promoted and Bruno's family had to move to the countryside ( the house's backyard is a labour camp). As he was wondering why everyone in the backyard were wearing stripped pyjamas, he started to explore the backyard and befriend Shamul, a Jew criminal whose the same age as Bruno ( eight years old).

Julia Gabriels Oral Communication Course: Lesson 2

I CAN'T BELIEVE MISS LEE FORCED ME TO SING FOR " OUR CLASS GOT TALENT" COMPETITION AND DON'T ALLOW ME TO BACK OUT OF IT. In the end, I begged Miss Lee to let me do poetry and she agreed. Then, the history students watched The Boy In Stripped Pyjamas during History lesson. Will explain the plot of the show in the next post. After recess, I went to the gallery for the Julia Gabriels course and almost lost my voice. Ouch!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


YAHOOOOOOOOO! The exams are finally over. I am soooooooo happy! At last, I can take a break... The DnT paper is so hard sia. Anyways, on Saturday, I went to Victorine Jie Jie's wedding and wow, she really look like Princess Auora from Sleeping Beauty even though her Prince Charming did not look like Prince Phillip. I went to Causeway Point after the paper and ate Mcdonalds. Then, I called Amanda while watching 天平上的马尔齐斯。THIS FEELING IS SOOO GOOD!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. I was doing a revision marathon but couldn't finish all my homework today. I did my History, Physics, Chemistry, E Maths and some of my Chinese homework. I think I will continue with the rest tomorrow after my tuitions. Also remind me to do the Chemistry Projectwork: Conclusion. AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A tiring day

Wow~! Today is a tiring day. I had two tuitions in a day. I woke up early for my British Council tuition and we have a new sitting arrangement because Ms. Sandra thinks that the class ( especially Sin Yee, Wyonana and me) are always very quiet during group and class discussions. I was the only girl in the group ( gasp!) while I was hoping that I won't be the only girl. Today is one of the worst lessons at British Council. When I reached home, I attempted some of the questions in the Chem workbook before Carmen comes. Beatrix went to Australia for a holiday and her BFF, Carmen, took over the tuition class when she's away. Covered both Chem and Physics today. After tuition, I did my Social Studies and A Maths homework. After dinner, I revised History on the part about USSR (Russia). I am going to go for a revision marathon tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I am officailly NOT a councillor!

Today is actually the day class Secondary 3/4 is going to Karimum. Haizzz.... What can we do? But the good news is that Clarissa's sister is coming to CHR for a Student Exchange Programme. That's not the only one. Eileen and Phuong Thao gets to choose whether they want to take either A Maths or POA ( Principles of Accounts). Eileen told Mr. Kang that she wants to take A Maths but I am not sure about Phuong Thao because I never talk to her for 2 days already. Eileen, Kuan Ee and another boy are participating in a Robotic competition. Saw them outside the HOD office and I went over to scare them ( haha!). Luckily, Kuan Ee had no reaction at all ( not like the incident on the bus)! Was late for CF today and Pastor Daniel was talking about the same story about his experiment with God. Wilson joined CF ( gasp!!!) and he was very quiet. Strange....

Friday, March 27, 2009

Karimun Trip

This is it. The Express classes are going to Karimun next term. So long!! Everybody in class isnot happy ( obviously, the other classes too). We also changed places but I am still sitting with Liang Wei ( lame) and the worst of all is Perry is sitting behind both of us ( nightmare). Perry was acting like a total gay like kissing and hugging Hafiz ( VOMITTING). Lucky for Hafiz, Miss Lee asked him to sit beside Wan Heng. Told Mr. Hu that I want to quit being a Councillor but failed because he wanted me to think again and he wants a valid reason.... I want to quit sia. Help!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

End Of The March Holidays

OMG!!! Today is the last day of the March Holidays. Lucky, today have no British Council tuition, so I woke up at 9.00am. I watched Pi Li M.I.T while having breakfast. I did a little of Chinese and A Maths revision before going to Gary's Mom's salon to get a brand new haircut. The hair salon was crowded so I was there for a hour. After that, I went home and washed up before going to Causeway Point for lunch. I went to the library to return the books, went to Burger King and went to Popular to buy Twilight and New Moon. I asked so many people for it and I have been waiting since last year.

The reasons why I cannot read the book:
1) " I forgot to bring" ( Heather)
2) " I lend it to my friend" ( Shi Jia)
3) " I lend it to my friend and I have to ask my sister" ( Esther)
4) " I left it in Batam" ( Lina)
5) What's worse is that I asked first but Aqidah gets to borrow it from Cherie. Kept me angry at Eileen and Aqidah for days!!!
6) " You can borrow it from your friends." ( Mummy)

I can't believe Mummy finally let me buy the book after months of begging. Then we went to Mr. Foo's ( the guy who makes the lenses for Mummy and me and he is also my dad's primary school classmate) shop and then we walked around Centrepoint. We bought a pair of sports shoes for me, some food and some basic neccessites. We had Sushi for dinner when we went home. This is the best day of my life and I hope I can go out with my family more often...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March holidays' dairy

Boy, today was a very tiring day. I woke up at 9.30am and starting doing my work just after I washed up. Read a Chinese book Mummy borrowed for me at the library a few weeks ago... I think it is overdue already. Applied toe polish today and lucky, my parents did not notice anything... Phewww!!! The best of all was today is the Islandwide premiere of Pi Li M.I.T starring Fan Wei Qi, Aaron Yan, Gui Gui, Xiao Gui and Lu Ting Wei. OMG!!!!! I forgot to tape it... ARRRRGGGHHH..... Whahahahahahahaha

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March holidays' dairy

Today is the 3rd day of the March holidays. Time really flies. I had A Maths and Chemistry remedial on Monday and Tuesday but I was free today. I woke up at 9.00 this morning and started doing my holiday homework before Jie came. She explained the aim of my project work to me and encouraged me to do harder for my Combined Science. After tuition, I took a hour's nap and when I woke up, I played a game of Shokdu with Dad. We did my A Maths homework after that ( Yucks). Dad went for his swim after that but I continued with more games of Shoukdu when Shu Po called... Scared me sia....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

March Holidays

Woke up early for British Council tuition and boy, I was early. Wynona didn't come for tuition as she went to Malaysia with her class. Michelle also didn't come for tuition. Did a book review in class. Then went for facial and saw Gary... It has been 12 years since we met. Couldn't recognise him. We were starring at each other and the feeling was like boom! We then went to Bugis Junction for dinner and walked around at Bugis Street. Showed Dad the clothes at Girls Dreamland. He got a headache after that. Ha! If you want more details, call me. :)

End Of 1st School Term

Wow!!! Just can't believe that this is the March holidays already! Time really flies... Receviced my report book. I am just glad that I value added my M.S.G but I am also sad that I failed Combined Science, ( D7) DnT and A Maths ( Both E8). Chung Hang and Raziq ( actually I asked Raziq first) asked me about my positioning in class ( dun ask). I dunno why Chung Hang asked me instead of Jolynn and Wan Heng first since they sit nearer to him in class. Asked him that and he said that I looked like the hard working type ( Huh???). Anyways, my parents are just happy that I vaule added my results ( I got 5.1 instead of 5.2) and encouraged me to try harder next harder. I went to Causeway Point after school with Adiqah and Eileen and Eileen told me Kuan Ee failed Chinese ( No reaction from me). We went to have lunch at the Civics Centre Macdonald branch and then we went to the library. We told each other about the things that happend in class and took a peak at each other's new timetable on the way. We also went to Popular and met Adiqah's mom and we went home together. Phewwww!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Balance Sheet Of Life

Our birth is Our opening balance!
Our death is Our closing balance!
Our prejudiced views are Our Liabilities
Our creative ideas are Our assets
Heart is Our current asset
Soul is Our fixed asset
Brain is Our fixed Desposit
Thinking is Our current account
Achievements are Our capital
Character & Morals, Our stock-in-trade
Friends are Our General Reserves
Values and behaviour are Our Godwill
Patience is Our interest earned
Love is Our Dividend
Children are Our bonus issues
Knowledge is Our Investment
Experince is Our Premium Account
The Aim is to Tally the Balance Sheet Accurately
The Goal is to get the Best Presented Accounts Award
Some very good and bad things:
The most destructive habit.......... Worry
The greatest joy.............. Giving
The greatest loss............. Loss of Self- Respect
The most satisfying work...... Helping others
The ugliest personality......... Selfishness
The most endangered species....... Dedicated leaders
Our greatest natural resource...... Our youth


Haha!!! Pay back time is here and revenge is soooooooo sweet. David is sleeping in class! Whahaha!!! Hope he gets caught by the Maths teacher... If you want to know more pls ask the photographer of this picture.

Photographer: Aqidah ( panda...)

E- Learning Day

Yes!!! Today is E-Learning day so we don't need to go to school. Woke up at 8.30am because Dad's Tv programme is waking me up. Had pinapple tarts and Strawberry Milk for breakfast. Yummy. After washing up, I went online to go to asknlearn website ( when I receviced a call from Eileen, asking me whether I can log on to the website or not. Adiqah, Eileen, Li Wen and Liang Wei cannot log on. Geeezzzz.... Downloaded all my work and browse the web for a little while before going to Youtube and watch S Club Party Music Video ( S Club 7) and Fly On the Wall Music Video ( yep. It's by that racist Miley Cyrus. Yucks.). Did some of my Chem homework before lunch and watch a little bit of Tv on Channel 56 ( They Kiss again by Airel Lin, Joe Cheng, Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan and Wang Zi). Continued with my Chem homework and did my E Maths and A Maths homework... Boy! It was really tiring. Did Jie's physics homework and tried thinking of the solutions to the Algebra Revision ( E Maths) and Surbs Revision ( A Maths) worksheets. Thinking of A Maths nearly killed me..... I plan to wake up at 8.00am tomorrow to do my Social Studies worksheet, 作文,报章报导, Jie's Chem homework, Algebra Revision worksheet and Surbs worksheet. I will try to do all that before English tuition for Bristish Council. Then revise for the upcoming tests next week. Woot!!! Busy day for me huh?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Blackie Friday

I am so unlucky today. First, I woke up late so I had breakfast on the 912 bus and reached the interchange at about 6.55am. I could not get up the first 901 bus ( obviously) and took the second 901 bus but it arrived at 7.35am because there was a bus accident near Si Ling Primary School ( my graduation school). Mummy was furious when the bus arrived ( duh...). When I reached school and the teacher demanded for a reason why all of us were late. What's worse was the teacher didn't believe us but didn't give us dentention ( lucky sia). Ms. Foo then gave us a lecture on punctality ( boring). Paterlin, Mei Ting and Michelle were also late. My obessed wushu partner thought I was absent. Mdm Heryani announced to the class that she was 5 weeks pregnant ( accident) but have to abort the baby because of the strong medicine to stop her acne breakout. E Maths test was easy and I was acting like a Mad Hatter during Recess time (according to Li Wen). Aqidah told me that a 912 bus knocked down a Si Ling Primary School boy and Darren Sim broke his leg and he is in NUH. Such a pity because he's the fastest runner in the Power team ( I can't believe I just said that). Oh yeah. Aqidah quarrelled with Liang Wei today because of their birthdays ( Liang Wei's birthday is on the 17th October while Aqidah's birthday is on the 18th October)... Sighzzzz( again)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is this Blackie week?

You will not believe what really happend this whole week.

Monday: Yi Jong got a heart attack... Kidney failing.

Tuesday: Zoel sprained his leg... On wheelchair. Yi Jong's liver fails.

Wednesday: I forgot to study for Physics test... Lina's birthday. Gave her a present and she seemed happy. Most of Yi Jong's organs start to fail. Dialysis fails.

Thursday: Got scolded by Ms Uma for not bringing Physics file... Kuan Ee kena hit by the volleyball in the head 3 times at ITE. ( OUCH!!) Chung Hang's and Lei Xi's birthday. Extra Chem lesson... Received an SMS from Mummy saying Yi Jong just passed away. Never talk the whole night... Emo...

Friday: Saw Kuan Ee ( EeeK)! Almost dozed off during CF meeting ( YUCKS!!). Aqidah quarrelled with Phuong Thao ( not again).... Saw Yi Jong's face at the wake... Face was bloated and black. A Mah was crying... Poor A Mah...

Saturday ( Today): Kena scolding from Dad for being late for tuition... Yucks... Did all my homework... Bake cake. Dad love it!

Sunday ( Tomorrow): Yi Jongs funeral... Haizzzz.....

Bad week for me huh?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Phuong Thao!!

Hey Phuong Thao,

Wishing you a very happy sweet 16th birthday from the bottom of my heart. Hope you had a great time just now at Bugis Junction. I had a great time too. But I dunno about Aqidah. Love your hairstyle girlfriend!!! Anyways, thanks for asking me out and paying for my dinner just now. You must feel very bad for not celebrating your birthday back in Vietnam with your family. I also hope that you won't get any scolding from your guardian went you reach your hostel. When Cherry called me on my hp and asked whether she could talk to you, I was kind of worried about later. I hope that you have a fun time with your hostel friends later and hope that you will like my present. Last but not least, I still want to wish you a Happy Birthday ( Again... Yeah yeah yeah) and a Happy Valentines' Day.

May your wishes come true on this special day.

May God bless you,
Shi Min ( Secondary 3E4) :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

I hate Miley Cyrus ( but love her songs)!!!

I am so not a fan of Miley Cyrus anymore!!! I hate Miley Ray Cyrus/ Destiny Hope Cyrus!!! At first, she posed nude in front of the cameras and now, she's making those slanty eyes pictures while sitting on her ugly and super bloody ugly looking boyfriend, Justin Gaston's lap. Literally, the stupid idiotic couple are actually making fun of the Chinese. I am so pissed at them. And what's worse was that the racist 16 year old star still blame the press for making her the next bad girl. Well she is! Let me ask you girls a question... When your idol makes fun of your features, how would you feel? I guess everyone has the same feeling: upset and furious... Right? After this, what's next? A sex tape? She getting pregnant under the age of 21? She becoming a porn star or what? Being a Chinese myself, I was angry at her actions when I read the article on the newspaper. I have small eyes so when I saw the photo, I felt worse than before and decided that I shouldn't support her anymore but I think that I should support the composer of the songs she sang. So what if she is popular?

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Monday: Reached school at 8.10am today to be early for the Councillors Meeting today. Everyone except Mr. Hu noticed me. Phew!!! Had an E Mtahs Assessment Test today and I passed! I am super careless or else I should have scored full marks. I asked Yong Teck to accompany me to Aqidah's class ( 3N6A) to collect my books in case she did not. Fortunetaly, she remembered and she accompanied me back to my class. But she forgot about the A Maths Notebook. Almost died because Mr. Kang is going to check it during A Maths class. It was E Maths lesson when Liang Wei brought out all his exercise books and he reminded me that I lend him my A Maths Notebook to copy over the weekend but he haven't finish copying. Phew~~~~!!!!

Tuesday: Mr Hu didn't bring us for P.E today but it was Speedy ( my Sec 1 camp instructor). Yeah!!! He has pretty good memory to remember my name. Benjiamin broke his toe ( same incident when Mel broke her toe) and Hong Hao forgot to bring his P.E. attire. Speedy also told us about history while the rest were under the Austrailian teachers.

Wednesday: Ms Uma asked for our Physics book. Gasp!!! It was in the locker. Lina and I went up to Aqidah's class to take the key. When I went back to class, Ms Uma was sharing ( or cracking jokes) her diving experince and experince with other inconsiderate divers from other boats. So much for a greeny Physics teacher.

Thursday: Boringgg....

Friday: Worst... Eileen and class went to Karimun...

Saturday: Went to British Council for my English tuition. Rushing to do my homework and did revision for the couple of pop quiz coming up the next week... Almost died. Hey Shi Min, this is life in the Express Class but the best thing is that even Oscar is not your friend anymore, he doesn't bully you right? Everyone's helpful.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Lee Cousins without James, Willet, Ben, Bernice, Wendy and Lun Zhou

Here's a picture taken on the second day of CNY at my house. Photo taken by Mummy.

Nice right?

My family

Here's some photos taken on the first day of CNY at Si Shu Shu's house. Photos taken by Sophia Jie Jie.


Hey girls, here's a picture of my baby nephew taken by Mummy on Chu Yi. He looks like his dad ( Paul Kor Kor) when he's ( Paul Kor Kor) a baby. He's 7 months now. Cute right?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Hey girlfriends, wishing you a very Happy New Year as we welcome the Year of the Ox. I am expecting less angbaos this year because pf the Economic Crsis all around the world right now.

Sunday: Rushing to finish my holiday homework by evening. Since Da Bo Bo's family won't be there ( he's leaving for China and will be back on Chu Wu), Mummy cooked a lot of dishes ( Raw Fish, popiah and sweet and sour prawns) for the Lee family. Spent most of my time watching movies, chatting with my cousins about the updates of our lives and feeling giddy ( call me if you want to know).

Monday: Woke up at 9am and got ready to go to Si Shu Shu's house, but San Shu Shu's family was not there. Asked Bernice Jie Jie for the " Sing To The Dawn" book ( I have been wanting to read it). Watched Ip Man after lunch. Nice moive though. Fitted into my cousins' conversations like driving and sorts. James Kor Kor cracked a silly joke that almost made me chocked on my food. After that, we went to the Chruch and prayed to Mummy's auntie and uncle. Traffic jam and Dad met his old friend. We went to Chu Yi's house and then left for Paul kor kor's house. I saw how cute Evan was and address his mom ( which is also Paul kor kor's wife) wrongly (OPPSSS!!!) and luckily she don't mind. Phew!!! Ate my dinner there.

Tuesday: Woke up at 8am and went to Kou Fu's house. Saw how Kou Fu fed Tuck Seng Kor kor's pet bird's and fishes. He also told me a little of the behavioural habits of birds. We then left for Po Po's ( my nanny) house for lunch and saw Yi Fei ( Po Po's grandson). Caught up with my childhood friends and watched Ip Man ( again). Didn't know Gong Gong is a big fan of Ip Man ( a little weird for an 80 year old). Rushed home so that my relatives from Dad's side can come. They were late for an hour! Absentees: James kor kor and dad and Si Shu Shu's family. Took a lot of photos. Haha!!

Wednesday: Can't believe that the holidays are over. Wished most of my schoolmates happy new year. Wished Cherry in cantonese. Had a big headache during DnT. Dad's old friend came for visiting when I was doing my revision and gave me an angbao.

Thursday: Had a couple of tests and it was lucky for Liang Wei to come down with a high fever. Kept the worksheets for him.

Friday ( Today): Didn't use the walking frame today. Went to the hospital after school to see Prof. Lee. He recommend me to wear the ankle guard to reduce my swollen legs and also recommend me to continue with Physical Therapy. I also found out that they change therapist and the usual physical therapist wasn't there anymore. I hope that the new physical therapist is a female. I think Eileen is mad at me for not attending CF ( Christian Fellowship).

Friday, January 23, 2009

What a boring week!!!

Hey girls, it has been a while when I post the last blog entry. Latest news on my leg. I am going to school using a walking frame. It's has been a boring ( and embarassing) week for me. Update on my new Pricinipal, Mrs Yeo. She's almost the woman version of my dad and another human version of a tape recorder. Daniel and I almost fell asleep during one of her daily lectures. She also raise standards for all the subjects, class attendance and CCA attendance ( from 75% to 90%). Translations for CCA attendance part: Everyone MUST have a CCA. I hate to admit but I miss Mr. Ang ( a lot). I accidentally cut ( saw?) my left hand during D and T workshop class. Aqidah told me that 3N6A changed sitting positions and she's sitting with Asirel while Phuong Thao is sitting with David ( Poor Phuong Thao bullied by David). What's worse was Phuong Thao driving Eileen, Aqidah and me crazy with her fortune telling skills. Like, my studies will be good but I won't be rich and my future husband is the boy sitting beside me ( Liang Wei? Yucks). I should have knock her head because Liang Wei is just a normal classmate and he's good for a friend only. There's a lot of homework for the CNY ( Chinese New Year) holidays and I promised my parents that I am going to finish my homework before the CNY. Our class won the first prize for the CNY class decoration and I laughed loudly at Wei Chon's new hairstyle ( that's super embarrassing and bad for me to do that). Jerome, Cynthia, Benjamin, Zoel and Liang Wei looked like as if I gone mad ( which is true) and if I laugh louder, they are going to wheel me to the hospital ( the fact that Jerome brought his pencil case instead of a book it's more embarassing.)

Friday, January 9, 2009

The 1st week in Secondary 3E4

The 1st week of Year 2009 is coming to the end already. I just can't believe it... It has been a rather tiring week for me. My classmates ( except Wan Heng) are quite nice. Benjamin has been wheeling me back to the class everyday after morning assembly and Jolynn VOLUNTEERED to be my buddy sister. Her job is to wheel me to the toilet cubical when I need it ( like Liang Wei always says, Toilet IC) and I think she's initative and pretty nice to volunteer herself. I still don't dare to update Aqidah on that ( dun ask, click on the older posts and you will know) or else I will be dead. Liang wei and Oscar has been wheeling me to classes and recess and to the Security Post to wait for Dad. Mummy thinks Oscar ( well, he is a BB boy) is quite a nice boy because when he saw Mummy coming to the class with the wheelchair, he standed up and help. When I went for Christian Fellowship meeting today, Mdm Foon was surprised that I came for the meeting ( Eileen and Benson wheeled me) and a lot of the members ( mostly girls, seniors and juniors) asked me what happend ( I guess they thought I broke my legs during the holidays). When I told them, they wished me all the best and have a speedy recovery.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The 1st day in Class 3E4

Can't believe that today is my first day in Secondary 3 and I have to sit on a wheelchair. I also saw all the boys in long pants and the feeling was soooo weird. Weird is the word for describing my feelings when Dad wheeled me in the class... Lucky for me, the boys in Class 3E4 are not so nautorious like the boys in Sec 1N6A and Sec 2N8A plus the class is more quiet. There are 23 girls and 20 boys. Almost fainted when I saw Wan Heng and Jolynn ( well, for Jolynn, not really. But for Wan Heng, looking at her size and her features, it makes me want to puke). The boys are also quite helpful for wheeling me outside the classroom and wheeling me back to the classroom after recess. Eileen, Aqidah and Phuong Thao waited for me outside the classroom and we went for recess togother.... Wow, I DO miss them a lot... Can't wait for my second day in school....