Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Countdown to Graduation! Part 1

Hey guys.  It has been a long time since I've updated this blog.  It also has been 2-3mths ever since I've ended my internship.  Finally got my transcript and my nursing license.  What's left for now is getting a job and graduation.

Then there comes my break, job hunting and my recent trip to Bangkok.  Thank goodness the demonstration were all confined at a park near the Government building, Mum and I had a great time exploring Chit Nom and Pratunam.  Bought some nice things for the latest additions for the family, Janine and Asper,  and of course for Dad too.  Bought loads of snacks too.  Enjoyed the foot massage and the boat ride to the floating market (the coconut pancake is nice!).  We were supposed to go to River Kawe but Mum was feeling unwell so we had to go back to the hotel and rest.  Tried the pork noodle soup at the roadside food stall near the hotel and I dun mind going back for it.  The Madam Tussade Museum wasn't that good as I have expected.  Dun really know the Thai stars featured except Nickhun.  The Aquarium, on the other hand, was good.