Friday, March 27, 2009

Karimun Trip

This is it. The Express classes are going to Karimun next term. So long!! Everybody in class isnot happy ( obviously, the other classes too). We also changed places but I am still sitting with Liang Wei ( lame) and the worst of all is Perry is sitting behind both of us ( nightmare). Perry was acting like a total gay like kissing and hugging Hafiz ( VOMITTING). Lucky for Hafiz, Miss Lee asked him to sit beside Wan Heng. Told Mr. Hu that I want to quit being a Councillor but failed because he wanted me to think again and he wants a valid reason.... I want to quit sia. Help!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

End Of The March Holidays

OMG!!! Today is the last day of the March Holidays. Lucky, today have no British Council tuition, so I woke up at 9.00am. I watched Pi Li M.I.T while having breakfast. I did a little of Chinese and A Maths revision before going to Gary's Mom's salon to get a brand new haircut. The hair salon was crowded so I was there for a hour. After that, I went home and washed up before going to Causeway Point for lunch. I went to the library to return the books, went to Burger King and went to Popular to buy Twilight and New Moon. I asked so many people for it and I have been waiting since last year.

The reasons why I cannot read the book:
1) " I forgot to bring" ( Heather)
2) " I lend it to my friend" ( Shi Jia)
3) " I lend it to my friend and I have to ask my sister" ( Esther)
4) " I left it in Batam" ( Lina)
5) What's worse is that I asked first but Aqidah gets to borrow it from Cherie. Kept me angry at Eileen and Aqidah for days!!!
6) " You can borrow it from your friends." ( Mummy)

I can't believe Mummy finally let me buy the book after months of begging. Then we went to Mr. Foo's ( the guy who makes the lenses for Mummy and me and he is also my dad's primary school classmate) shop and then we walked around Centrepoint. We bought a pair of sports shoes for me, some food and some basic neccessites. We had Sushi for dinner when we went home. This is the best day of my life and I hope I can go out with my family more often...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March holidays' dairy

Boy, today was a very tiring day. I woke up at 9.30am and starting doing my work just after I washed up. Read a Chinese book Mummy borrowed for me at the library a few weeks ago... I think it is overdue already. Applied toe polish today and lucky, my parents did not notice anything... Phewww!!! The best of all was today is the Islandwide premiere of Pi Li M.I.T starring Fan Wei Qi, Aaron Yan, Gui Gui, Xiao Gui and Lu Ting Wei. OMG!!!!! I forgot to tape it... ARRRRGGGHHH..... Whahahahahahahaha

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March holidays' dairy

Today is the 3rd day of the March holidays. Time really flies. I had A Maths and Chemistry remedial on Monday and Tuesday but I was free today. I woke up at 9.00 this morning and started doing my holiday homework before Jie came. She explained the aim of my project work to me and encouraged me to do harder for my Combined Science. After tuition, I took a hour's nap and when I woke up, I played a game of Shokdu with Dad. We did my A Maths homework after that ( Yucks). Dad went for his swim after that but I continued with more games of Shoukdu when Shu Po called... Scared me sia....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

March Holidays

Woke up early for British Council tuition and boy, I was early. Wynona didn't come for tuition as she went to Malaysia with her class. Michelle also didn't come for tuition. Did a book review in class. Then went for facial and saw Gary... It has been 12 years since we met. Couldn't recognise him. We were starring at each other and the feeling was like boom! We then went to Bugis Junction for dinner and walked around at Bugis Street. Showed Dad the clothes at Girls Dreamland. He got a headache after that. Ha! If you want more details, call me. :)

End Of 1st School Term

Wow!!! Just can't believe that this is the March holidays already! Time really flies... Receviced my report book. I am just glad that I value added my M.S.G but I am also sad that I failed Combined Science, ( D7) DnT and A Maths ( Both E8). Chung Hang and Raziq ( actually I asked Raziq first) asked me about my positioning in class ( dun ask). I dunno why Chung Hang asked me instead of Jolynn and Wan Heng first since they sit nearer to him in class. Asked him that and he said that I looked like the hard working type ( Huh???). Anyways, my parents are just happy that I vaule added my results ( I got 5.1 instead of 5.2) and encouraged me to try harder next harder. I went to Causeway Point after school with Adiqah and Eileen and Eileen told me Kuan Ee failed Chinese ( No reaction from me). We went to have lunch at the Civics Centre Macdonald branch and then we went to the library. We told each other about the things that happend in class and took a peak at each other's new timetable on the way. We also went to Popular and met Adiqah's mom and we went home together. Phewwww!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Balance Sheet Of Life

Our birth is Our opening balance!
Our death is Our closing balance!
Our prejudiced views are Our Liabilities
Our creative ideas are Our assets
Heart is Our current asset
Soul is Our fixed asset
Brain is Our fixed Desposit
Thinking is Our current account
Achievements are Our capital
Character & Morals, Our stock-in-trade
Friends are Our General Reserves
Values and behaviour are Our Godwill
Patience is Our interest earned
Love is Our Dividend
Children are Our bonus issues
Knowledge is Our Investment
Experince is Our Premium Account
The Aim is to Tally the Balance Sheet Accurately
The Goal is to get the Best Presented Accounts Award
Some very good and bad things:
The most destructive habit.......... Worry
The greatest joy.............. Giving
The greatest loss............. Loss of Self- Respect
The most satisfying work...... Helping others
The ugliest personality......... Selfishness
The most endangered species....... Dedicated leaders
Our greatest natural resource...... Our youth


Haha!!! Pay back time is here and revenge is soooooooo sweet. David is sleeping in class! Whahaha!!! Hope he gets caught by the Maths teacher... If you want to know more pls ask the photographer of this picture.

Photographer: Aqidah ( panda...)

E- Learning Day

Yes!!! Today is E-Learning day so we don't need to go to school. Woke up at 8.30am because Dad's Tv programme is waking me up. Had pinapple tarts and Strawberry Milk for breakfast. Yummy. After washing up, I went online to go to asknlearn website ( when I receviced a call from Eileen, asking me whether I can log on to the website or not. Adiqah, Eileen, Li Wen and Liang Wei cannot log on. Geeezzzz.... Downloaded all my work and browse the web for a little while before going to Youtube and watch S Club Party Music Video ( S Club 7) and Fly On the Wall Music Video ( yep. It's by that racist Miley Cyrus. Yucks.). Did some of my Chem homework before lunch and watch a little bit of Tv on Channel 56 ( They Kiss again by Airel Lin, Joe Cheng, Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan and Wang Zi). Continued with my Chem homework and did my E Maths and A Maths homework... Boy! It was really tiring. Did Jie's physics homework and tried thinking of the solutions to the Algebra Revision ( E Maths) and Surbs Revision ( A Maths) worksheets. Thinking of A Maths nearly killed me..... I plan to wake up at 8.00am tomorrow to do my Social Studies worksheet, 作文,报章报导, Jie's Chem homework, Algebra Revision worksheet and Surbs worksheet. I will try to do all that before English tuition for Bristish Council. Then revise for the upcoming tests next week. Woot!!! Busy day for me huh?