Sunday, March 4, 2012


Was surfing Twitter just now as usual n saw a trend for Justin Bieber. GOSH!!! WTH IS THIS!!! Just tell me. What's so good abt that guy? I know he can sing n dance but I seriously think that this is too extreme. Then Kristine replied me with an angry tweet asking me abt my issues with Justin Bieber. Well. The problem is I DUN LIKE HIM CAUSE I THINK THAT HE IS SPOILT N SNOBBISH!! GET IT? You mean I dun have a choice to idolize who I want to idolize? If you dislike me tweeting like this, then unfollow me. I dun care. You can say I am an anti fan of Justin Bieber, just say it cause I am. Twitter is a free space. Can't I say anything I want? Gosh! This is my opinion.