Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Hey girlfriends, wishing you a very Happy New Year as we welcome the Year of the Ox. I am expecting less angbaos this year because pf the Economic Crsis all around the world right now.

Sunday: Rushing to finish my holiday homework by evening. Since Da Bo Bo's family won't be there ( he's leaving for China and will be back on Chu Wu), Mummy cooked a lot of dishes ( Raw Fish, popiah and sweet and sour prawns) for the Lee family. Spent most of my time watching movies, chatting with my cousins about the updates of our lives and feeling giddy ( call me if you want to know).

Monday: Woke up at 9am and got ready to go to Si Shu Shu's house, but San Shu Shu's family was not there. Asked Bernice Jie Jie for the " Sing To The Dawn" book ( I have been wanting to read it). Watched Ip Man after lunch. Nice moive though. Fitted into my cousins' conversations like driving and sorts. James Kor Kor cracked a silly joke that almost made me chocked on my food. After that, we went to the Chruch and prayed to Mummy's auntie and uncle. Traffic jam and Dad met his old friend. We went to Chu Yi's house and then left for Paul kor kor's house. I saw how cute Evan was and address his mom ( which is also Paul kor kor's wife) wrongly (OPPSSS!!!) and luckily she don't mind. Phew!!! Ate my dinner there.

Tuesday: Woke up at 8am and went to Kou Fu's house. Saw how Kou Fu fed Tuck Seng Kor kor's pet bird's and fishes. He also told me a little of the behavioural habits of birds. We then left for Po Po's ( my nanny) house for lunch and saw Yi Fei ( Po Po's grandson). Caught up with my childhood friends and watched Ip Man ( again). Didn't know Gong Gong is a big fan of Ip Man ( a little weird for an 80 year old). Rushed home so that my relatives from Dad's side can come. They were late for an hour! Absentees: James kor kor and dad and Si Shu Shu's family. Took a lot of photos. Haha!!

Wednesday: Can't believe that the holidays are over. Wished most of my schoolmates happy new year. Wished Cherry in cantonese. Had a big headache during DnT. Dad's old friend came for visiting when I was doing my revision and gave me an angbao.

Thursday: Had a couple of tests and it was lucky for Liang Wei to come down with a high fever. Kept the worksheets for him.

Friday ( Today): Didn't use the walking frame today. Went to the hospital after school to see Prof. Lee. He recommend me to wear the ankle guard to reduce my swollen legs and also recommend me to continue with Physical Therapy. I also found out that they change therapist and the usual physical therapist wasn't there anymore. I hope that the new physical therapist is a female. I think Eileen is mad at me for not attending CF ( Christian Fellowship).

Friday, January 23, 2009

What a boring week!!!

Hey girls, it has been a while when I post the last blog entry. Latest news on my leg. I am going to school using a walking frame. It's has been a boring ( and embarassing) week for me. Update on my new Pricinipal, Mrs Yeo. She's almost the woman version of my dad and another human version of a tape recorder. Daniel and I almost fell asleep during one of her daily lectures. She also raise standards for all the subjects, class attendance and CCA attendance ( from 75% to 90%). Translations for CCA attendance part: Everyone MUST have a CCA. I hate to admit but I miss Mr. Ang ( a lot). I accidentally cut ( saw?) my left hand during D and T workshop class. Aqidah told me that 3N6A changed sitting positions and she's sitting with Asirel while Phuong Thao is sitting with David ( Poor Phuong Thao bullied by David). What's worse was Phuong Thao driving Eileen, Aqidah and me crazy with her fortune telling skills. Like, my studies will be good but I won't be rich and my future husband is the boy sitting beside me ( Liang Wei? Yucks). I should have knock her head because Liang Wei is just a normal classmate and he's good for a friend only. There's a lot of homework for the CNY ( Chinese New Year) holidays and I promised my parents that I am going to finish my homework before the CNY. Our class won the first prize for the CNY class decoration and I laughed loudly at Wei Chon's new hairstyle ( that's super embarrassing and bad for me to do that). Jerome, Cynthia, Benjamin, Zoel and Liang Wei looked like as if I gone mad ( which is true) and if I laugh louder, they are going to wheel me to the hospital ( the fact that Jerome brought his pencil case instead of a book it's more embarassing.)

Friday, January 9, 2009

The 1st week in Secondary 3E4

The 1st week of Year 2009 is coming to the end already. I just can't believe it... It has been a rather tiring week for me. My classmates ( except Wan Heng) are quite nice. Benjamin has been wheeling me back to the class everyday after morning assembly and Jolynn VOLUNTEERED to be my buddy sister. Her job is to wheel me to the toilet cubical when I need it ( like Liang Wei always says, Toilet IC) and I think she's initative and pretty nice to volunteer herself. I still don't dare to update Aqidah on that ( dun ask, click on the older posts and you will know) or else I will be dead. Liang wei and Oscar has been wheeling me to classes and recess and to the Security Post to wait for Dad. Mummy thinks Oscar ( well, he is a BB boy) is quite a nice boy because when he saw Mummy coming to the class with the wheelchair, he standed up and help. When I went for Christian Fellowship meeting today, Mdm Foon was surprised that I came for the meeting ( Eileen and Benson wheeled me) and a lot of the members ( mostly girls, seniors and juniors) asked me what happend ( I guess they thought I broke my legs during the holidays). When I told them, they wished me all the best and have a speedy recovery.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The 1st day in Class 3E4

Can't believe that today is my first day in Secondary 3 and I have to sit on a wheelchair. I also saw all the boys in long pants and the feeling was soooo weird. Weird is the word for describing my feelings when Dad wheeled me in the class... Lucky for me, the boys in Class 3E4 are not so nautorious like the boys in Sec 1N6A and Sec 2N8A plus the class is more quiet. There are 23 girls and 20 boys. Almost fainted when I saw Wan Heng and Jolynn ( well, for Jolynn, not really. But for Wan Heng, looking at her size and her features, it makes me want to puke). The boys are also quite helpful for wheeling me outside the classroom and wheeling me back to the classroom after recess. Eileen, Aqidah and Phuong Thao waited for me outside the classroom and we went for recess togother.... Wow, I DO miss them a lot... Can't wait for my second day in school....