Monday, September 19, 2011


Hey yo peeps!!! It has been a REALLY LONG time since I have updated my blog. Many things had happend during this period of time and it includes having a job experience at Long John's Silvers (LJS), meeting some new buddies and a new school term in Ngee Ann Poly.

I finally found a job at LJS as a part of the dinning crew. During my 3 months there, I made friends with my cool colleagues. I also developed a crush on my fellow colleague, Zack. He's 23 this year, from Shan Dong, the SUPER CRAZY kitchen manager and he has a girlfriend back in China ( Gosh, Shi Min! Just let him go!!!). He's cute looking too!;) Ok now...back to the story. I have left my job there because of my hectic school schedule. Then I got into a Nursing course at Ngee Ann Poly and met loads of people... Awesome huh???