Friday, November 28, 2008

I can walk?

Mood: Upset
Song: Big Big World by Emilia

Can't believe I woke up at 8.50am today. Went to the hospital to see the doctor and to change my cast to a lighter one. The doctor of the day wasn't Prof Lee as he was on leave. When I saw my wounds, I screamed and fainted in the Plaster Room ( don't ask). Almost tore the hospital towel into half when I heard the sawing sound of the machine ( scarey). I was shocked when I heard that I could start to walk already. What's worse that I saw a button sowed to the ankles of both of my legs. ARUGAAAHHHH!! The doctor say is to protect the tendancy ( Huh????). After follow-up at NUH ( National University Hospital), we went to eat dinner at a Japanese Resturant at Jurong Point. Food: A Lot, Good. Service: Ok ok. We were fool already before we could eat all the food in the resturant. Mummy was kind of grumpy when the Ice-Cream machine is out of order. I was upset when I saw a lot of fresh seafood on display. It's soooooooooooo tortureous to sit beside Dad during dinner! He was munching away all the seafood ( Crabs, shells, prawn, etc.) and I was staring at him all the time and he didn't even notice!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Mood: Grumpy
Song: Scream by Zac Efron

Saturday: Received a call from Da Gu Gu in America. Shocked ( Talk about the price for making overseas calls). Asked me about the operation and told me to get the gift from Er Gu Gu. We talked for about 4 mintues, she promised to give me the Hello Kitty Table Lamp when she come back to Singapore for a visit ( during CNY or Christmas?). Asked for Willet Kor Kor but he did not come to answer the phone. Must be studying for the upcoming Final-Year Exams. Good Luck Kor! Dai Yee Ma came for a surprise visit. Shocked ( again).

Sunday: Told Dad that I don't want to appeal. Quarelled with him on whether to appeal for Geogarphy or stay with History. Insisted that I called Phlio Kor Kor the next day for some advice. But Mummy had no objections about me taking History.

Monday: Quarelled with Dad over the subjects again before Mummy came back with our dinner. Received my Christmas present from my parents and an Edusave Scholarship letter from the Ministry Of Education ( MOE). I am the top 10% in the Marsiling District and asked me to go for the Ceremony on 28th December to receive my prize ( maybe S$300). Er Gu Gu, Xiao Gu Gu, Gu Zhang and Da Bo Bo ( I thought he won't visit me) came when I was going to finish my dinner. Er Gu Gu brought cakes, fruits and presents ( including the one from Da Gu Gu). Told them ( Er Gu Gu and Xiao Gu Gu) that I had a fight with Dad over the subjects ( what's the point?). Said a prayer before they leave.

Tuesday: Asked Mummy to call Miss Sharifah about the Application Form. Mummy talked to dad and he finally agreed to let me take History. Hooray! Dai Yee Ma came to babysit me. Had udon for lunch. It cost about S$3.50, talk about serious economic crsis in Singapore!

Wednesday: San Shu Shu did not come to repair computer.... Sigh Don't want to appeal.

Thursday ( Today): Did quite a fair bit of English and Maths revision. Dad's busy. Therefore, San Shu Shu did not come to repair PC.... AGRUAAAHHHH!!

Can't wait to change my cast to a lighter one!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Mood: Normal
Song: Hot N Cold By Katy Perry ( recommended by Melissa).

Went to the chr website just now to see my streaming results and there is one good news and five veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad news.

Good news:
Went to the 2nd best class in the Express level ( a.k.a the class of my choice), 3E4. WHOOPPPEE!!!

Bad News:
1. They offered me with the wrong subject combinaton [ English, Chinese, Maths ( A Maths, E Maths), Science ( Chemistry, Physics), Elective History ( aka Social Studies with History) and D & T ] when I chose a different one [ English, Chinese, Maths ( A Maths,E Maths), Science ( Chemistry, Physics), Elective Geography ( aka Social Studies with Geography) and D & T ].

2. Li Wen is not in the same class as me!! ( She's in 3E1)

3. I am in the same class as Jolynn, Wan Heng ( aka the snobbish girls), Justin, Perry ( Ok, I have to admit, he's not a bad news except for his talkative mouth). Lucky Me!

4. I don't know anyone ( except Jolynn, Wan Heng, Justin and Perry) in the class. Lucky Me ( again).

5. Will I be a loner in the class?

If I stop posting entries on, call the funeral palour.( Just kidding)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boring day

Today is sort of a boring day with dad blabbering about having to do homework next week (thanks to Kou Mo's big mouth). Since today is also the PSLE ( a.k.a Primary School Leaving Exammination) results day, called my two beloved besties, Anne and Heather ( Not Eileen and Aqidah), to ask about their brothers results. Felt a little sorry for them cause they cannot go to the school of their own choice. Also e-mailed Melissa about the future (boring topic) , it's a miracle she didn't scold me in the e-mail. Never read any books today as my butt is stuck on the wheelchair. Listened to my MP3 for the whole day ( plus a little TV watching which my aunt adviced me to cut down on). Can't believe that the streaming results will be out tomorrow!!! Help!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


I went to the hospital for my operation and it hurts so much especially at night. I feel better when Aqidah and Eileen came and visit me this afternoon. We chit-chatted and played Monopoly. They even brought fruits for me. I hope everything will be over soon so that I won't have to depend on my parents. I have to ask Prof Lee whether the operation is successful on the 28th November. This is the worst nightmare of my life.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gathering Party at Heather's house

Today, Andrea, Amanda and I went to Heather's house for a gathering party. We played Monopoly, watched videos on Youtube, listened to music, played Wii and baked Chocolate Chip Cookies cum Cake ( Heather's creative invention.) It was a great day and I hope we can have more gatherings next time. I really have a great time and also hope that Anne and Shi En can come along.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pictures Of BBQ Party

Hey sisters, here are the photos of the BBQ Party at Paris Ris Downtown East.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Goodbye Miss Sharifah!

Yesterday, the whole class went to Downtown East for a BBQ party organised by Ms Phua. The objective is actually a farewell party for Miss Sharifah. She will be going to ADSS to teach art. Boy! The whole class is going to miss her. A total of 21 students came plus Mdm Ter and her husband, Ms Phua's mom, Miss Sharifah's boyfriend and Seri's friend and cousin. We went for our lunch first. It was rainning so the girls played indoor games while the boys ventre the chalet. When the rain stop, we went for a swim for 1 hour and then we went back to the room and prepare for the BBQ. The food was nice and we also ate Aqidah's handmake ice-cream cupcakes. We then went home and all of us promised Miss Sharifah that we will be good when she's gone. She told us that when we need her help, she will be 8 numbers away. Goodbye Miss Sharifah. We will miss you.