Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Day at Bugis Junction

Today, I went to Bugis Junction with Shi En for lunch and some shopping. We went to the food court for lunch and I ordered a Terrikaypan Beef Set while Shi En ordered Wanton noodles. During lunch, we talked about what happend during the hoildays so far and Shi En told me some riddles. We then went to the bookstore to buy Shi En's comic book. We also went to take NeoPrint in level 3. We also looked for our Fathers' Day gifts and saw a lot of cute stuff and I am SO going to buy at black dress from Miss Emily. Another news: 天魔星 just came back from Tioman Island today....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A tiring day

Today, Li Wen and Charmaine came to my house to play. We had lunch at about 2.30pm at the nearby hawker centre and both of us ( Charmaine and I) had chicken rice. Li Wen had her lunch first before coming. After lunch, we came back and we chat about our lives so far. That was so much fun when we sent songs and played Monoploy ( ???). I hope they can come to my house again... Can't wait to go shopping with Shi En tomorrow.... hahaha!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My day in Orchard Road

Today, I went to Orchard Road with Mummy, Dai Yee Ma and Pei Kei Biao Jie. We went to eat in a teochew resturant in Centrepoint and then went shopping at OG. I didn't buy anything but tried out a lot of shoes by Clarks and the shoes are very comfy and have a nice design. No wonder it was sooo expensive. After that, we went to the KTV and I sang a lot of songs. I even help Andrea ( aka 天魔星)search for the 3 shao songs but found 9 of the results ( 3 songs each). I still can't believe I managed to sing 蓝眼睛,小情歌 and 无与伦比的美丽 by sodagreen.... Hahaha... Want to try to sing the 3 shao's songs another time.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Playmax @ St. Andrew's Catherdal

Today, I went back to school because Mdm Foon organised a trip for the CF members to go to Playmax@ St. Andrew's Catherdal. I dun really know what is the real objective of the trip but I think it is a way to tell us that we have to do our best in everything we do. We also had games and Sarah ( our group's play host) went crazy. We also took a lot of pictures before going to the StageMax and guess what.... Oilver Ong was there!!! She is prettier in real life than in the newspaper and she sang an English song " Move Along" even though Eileen and I expected her to sing 如燕 and she also assured the audience that her album will be coming out soon. The event was exciting and I have new Phobia. It's not the Jumping and the IQ games... I am scared of Mikes... You know those things the reporters use to interview people and whenever a reporter put her mike near to me, I will run away...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last night, I just finished watching 天平上的马尔济斯 ( Justice For Love) on Youtube. The whole show is very nice. It is a story about a girl who lost her mom in an accident and 10 years later, she got a place in a law school and wants to solve the mystery of her mom's death. I think even though 李康宜 is a good actress but she is too old for the role. 林佑威 is quite serious in the show. Anyways, this show is worth watching.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Ok! That's OFFICAL! I have already forgotten about Jun Qi. Can you believe that? I mean totally forgot about him and it took me almost 3 years to do it. Wowww!!! I wonder IF I break up with my future BF, how long will I take to forget about him? Maybe 5 years..... Anyway, I thought it's a good thing because he bullied me BEFORE. I know, you girls think I am SOOO STUPID and SILLY to like a person who bullied me. I tried forgetting him during the PSLE period but failed. My feelings? A bit weird but relaxed. I guess that was one of the reasons why I picked 分手快乐 by 梁静茹 to sing when in the KTV room with my cousins..... Weird huh?

Friday, June 5, 2009

CF's Amazing Grace VS NRIC Registration

Gosh.... I was super busy today... When I reached school, I went to pick up my ID photo from the general office and boy, I look sooooooooooo ugly in the picture!!! Luckily, I used my other ID photo for my IC. I went for the Amazing Grace briefing and then followed my teammates to the 1st station which was at the back track. Recevied a SMS from Liang Wei saying that there was a long queue for the NRIC registration. Ran to the Drama Room and queued up with Hong Ying and we had to queue up for almost 1 hr for the registration. During the registration, Hong Ying forgot to top up his $10 and lent him the money. After the registration, I dirtied one of the keys of my hp while waiting for my team to come back from the race. After everything, Eileen, Angela and I went to the Woodlands Library and then we went to have lunch at MacDonalds' and Mummy found me there. Angela had a shock when Mummy suddenly 'popped out'. Haha!!! But someone stole Angela's pocket money....

Monday, June 1, 2009

1st day of June Hoildays

My June Hoildays started off with a not so boring start.... Yesterday, I went to Causeway Point with Mummy and we planned to eat at Pastamania. Unfortunately, the bus met with an accident and Pastamania had a long queue and therefore, we went to eat at Ajisen Ramen. Then, we went to Popular/ CD Rama and I saw Claire Kuo's 3rd album, 在树上唱歌 and Sodagreen's new album, 春日光. Mummy then told me that I only can buy one album and I was in a "deliema". But in the end, I bought the Sodagreen album and my gosh.... 青峰 dyed his hair PINK!!! A little unusual for a boy. 小威 has lost some weight. 家凯 looks like 周董 ( hahaha). Then we went to NUTC Fairprice to buy a new soap for Papa but left because the shops are going to close. Taped 百万大歌星.

Today: Woke up at 9.30am and recevied a call from Shi En after brushing my teeth. Then, I did a Chinese Compo. Ate Mee Tai Mak for lunch. After that, I did one English Compo and a compre... Received a call from Andrea while packing the bed and then called Amanda... At 5.30pm, Papa and I went to the playground to exercise and then we came up and I began watching 百万大歌星. Really like the part when they called 钟欣凌 and 张智成歌坛情侣. Haha... Who asked them to wear the same clothes... 威力,小西瓜 and 丁丁 are sooo playful. 小燕姐's sudden appearance is the funniest..... Hahaha