Thursday, December 10, 2009

Twilight Saga: New Moon

Yesterday, I went to Plazza Singapura with Shi En and Heather to watch Twilight Saga: New Moon. Unfortunately, there wasn't a student discount at GV during the school holidays so we have to pay the full price... HMMMM.... Anyway, the movie was really nice. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson spoke a little louder in New Moon. Love the part when Edward 'proposed' to Bella. It is a totally unromantic and irony proposal! Hate that part when Laurent was killed by a bunch of werewovles( which was Jacob and his friends). Just can't believe that Rachelle Lefevre would not be acting as Victoria in the next Twilight movie....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ignite Youth Camp Day 1

GREAT!!! I got a scolding from Daddy even before going to school. I dun even think I should deserve a scolding because a lot of people were late ( Perry for example). Met Heather and Eileen in school. I was in Group 8 with Makan, Dan, Pearlyn, Perry, Zoel, Zhang Teng and Eileen but was a little disappointed that Heather was in Group 1 with Marcus and Shi Yong. I tried to beg Sophia to transfer Heather to group 8 . It failed. But she reassured me that Heather can sleep with us ( Eileen and me). After having an Ice-Breaking session, we decided the name of our group ( Monkeys N Co a.k.a Monkeys) and did up our cheer. We then had our Amazing Race in the school. Boy! We had a diificulty finding Game Masters Zhang Teng( we forced him for 2 stars) and Sinong. Then, we went to Causeway Point to have lunch and continued our journey to Dairy Farm MOE Campsite. I sat with Heather on the bus and Marcus used up my first pack of tissue, that's when I found out that my name tag was at the back. We arrived at the campsite for a debrief and we showered and unpack to get ready for dinner and service at the Savalation Army. Nicholas ( Game commandant) did the Sorry Sorry dance.

Ignite Youth Camp

Hey hey my friends! How have you girls been? So sorry for not posting any posts for a LONG time because I have been busy with loads of things. Attending the Ignite Youth Camp organised by the Light Of Christ Church Woodlands ( the church near Christ Church Secondary School) and the Christian Fellowship group from 30th Novemeber to 3rd December was one of them. That was one of the things I have been looking forward to as it also means a few days off without A Maths and Chinese ( HURRAY!). I only invited Heather for the camp because Andrea and Amanda HATE camps, Anne was REALLY and Shi En didn't reply to the SMS I sent her. Anyways, Heather was really excited about meeting Eileen even before the camp. Ignite Youth Camp is the best camp I have ever attended.

Why? These are the reasons:
  1. They were NOT run by teachers and camp instructors but were run by the church members and the CF committee members.
  2. Kin Peng ( the camp commandant) lost his voice so he cannot shout at us or bully us.
  3. This is the 1st time David Earnest didn't bully me or treat me like dirt ever since 1st Janaury 2007 ( YEA!!!!)
  4. We got to say grace in a Superman pose before breakfast ( Hahaha. OMG)
  5. I got to meet the seniors of Christ Church Secondary School
  6. We got to gossip about the teachers.