Sunday, June 5, 2016

Long time no post

Hi girls!

Been really bored today and decided to check out this blog.  Realised that my last entry was 2 yrs ago before graduation!  Yup, time flies and you may not notice it.

Well, just a little update on my life.  Yup, I've graduated from NP and started working.  My first job was considered a nightmare for me.  Imagine you working with uncompassionate, cynical hypocrites. Yeah, a total nightmare if you asked me.  Resigned after 6 months and I am now into my second job.  The first few months was another nightmare but luckily things changed for the better and I have been at the same branch ever since.  

My morale has been very low lately with the changes but who ever likes change?  No matter what you have to keep your spirits up and be professional in everything you do.  I guess that's part of working life.  You will be shocked when you find out that some people exists and you have to be good to them even though you feel like killing them.  Well, that's the bad part.  The good part of working life is that you have to be independent with your finances.  

2 yrs into nursing and I guess getting a degree is the next stop for me.

So yup.  Enough ranting

I will sign out now!