Sunday, August 26, 2012

Attachments 2.1B part 1

The exams are over which means the attachment period is kicking.  I am in the first bach again because I've changed batch with Pei Shien.  While applying to change, we've met some problems because of that Fucked up Mr Alan.  I dunno what got in his head but I gave him a glare.  GOSH!!!  Just tell me how can people be sooooo rude!  Did their parents and teachers ever teach them manners?  Apparently, the parents and teachers were too focused on the results that they forgot to teach him manners! LOL!!!  Anyway, we resend our application again and Ms Liu, who is our CA 2.1B coordinator, approved of it!!!

 YES!!! Dun you know how long have I been waiting to be separated from that bloody Suk Fen!!!  Yes!!!  Finally.  OMG!!!  She's a pain!  She's a bloody bitch who only knows how to boast abt her bf, boast abt how a male patient molested her, bully me, flirt with a Senior (he is just retaking 2.1) when he alrd has a gf!  She's a total slut I tell you!!!  Come on!  Jonathan( Heather's BF) looks WAY better looking than her bf!  Dun worry, Suk Fen.  I really hate your sluttish looks, your BLOODY FUCKING attitude so the conclusion is I hate you too!!!  You hate me too?  Awesome!  My parents didn't give birth to me just to impress you!  And I am guessing that you are also rude to your elders too huh?  You are just a disgusting ant in my life!

But one sad thing, I won't be working with Chen Li.  :(  I REALLY like working with her as she is my buddy since Year 1.  Haiizzz....  I really hope I can catch up with her real soon!

Ok!  I gotta sleep now.  Tmr is the day of attachment 2.1B with a different group of people in a different ward.  So I am thinking the CI there will be good?  CF too?  Oh yes!  And the Staff Nurses there too!  WISH ME LUCK!!! 

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