Friday, September 7, 2012


I dun really like my CI. She is always never in the ward when I need her to assess me for my skills. There was once I did IV infusion, as she wasn’t there, I had do it with SN Shaun. On the same day, I did oral medication serving with SN May but it was 8pm. CI dismisses at 5pm. Just yesterday, I wanted her to assess me for NG tube feeding but she has to go for a meeting. In the end, I had to do it with another AN. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!! HOW AM I GOING TO GET MY SKILLS SIGNED? I ONLY HAVE 4 BLOODY DAYS LEFT! Then I finally get her to assess me in medication serving, but my attachment mates are all cornering me, I lost my temper, yelled at them to get lost as they were disturbing my thoughts. In the end, she didn’t sign that skill for me.

At the start of this attachment, I was really praying that I could get along with my attachment mates and hope that they are nice people. But it seems no one heed my prayer. The girls in my shift are nasty bitches. Actually, I am fine if they dun treat me as a friend but treat me as a colleague instead. But they treat me as if I was invisible! There were many times when they left me after shift, so I have to walk alone in the dark for 3 days in a row. Whenever I ask them if they are taking bus or MRT home, bus is the answer. So I asked my mum to accompany me home instead. But when they saw the both of us, they went into hiding. It is so clear that they have been avoiding me. I am starting to feel that some Singaporean Chinese girls are total snobs! #justsaying

And the worst thing over this whole saga, my 2 besties, Heaher and Anne didn’t even comfort me about this while I broke down many times today! I feel so disappointed in them!

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